Corporate Social Responsibility


We are particularly concerned about constantly strengthening our social, environmental and ethical practices in our activities and in our interactions with stakeholders, and we contribute to the challenges of sustainable development.

We have adopted a voluntary approach to preserve the environment and the planet by limiting the impact of our activities to a minimum. To achieve this, the IPRA group relies in particular on its ISO 9001 and FSSC 22000 certified quality and food safety management system.

Following an evaluation conducted by ECOVADIS, a sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility rating organization, we were awarded a score of 63/100. Thus, in 2021, we have been awarded the silver medal for our CSR performance.


A true partnership with our customers and suppliers leads us to better position ourselves, voluntarily and in our own way, on our key issues:

SOCIAL: Human rights and working conditions

The IPRA Group adheres to the principles contained in the following texts, which are recognized as absolute minimums in the area of human rights and the right to healthy and safe working conditions and environment:

- The Universal Declaration of Human Rights (December 10, 1948)

- The Convention on the Rights of the Child (November 20, 1989)

- The International Labour Organization Declaration on Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work (ILO - June 1998)

- The Labour Code and French legislation in force

- The Collective Agreement of the Union of Chemical Industries

- IPRA France's internal regulations

Finally, the satisfaction and well-being of our employees are of paramount importance to the IPRA group. A healthy and safe working environment is offered to our employees, notably through an optimal location with green spaces nearby. The creation of a gym within the company has enabled the setting up of weekly fitness and well-being coaching sessions offered to employees and paid for by the company.

We are committed to fair treatment of all our employees. We fight against any discrimination within the group. Our employees work in a cosmopolitan and multicultural environment. In 2021, we scored 35 points out of 35 on the gender pay gap measure. 

ENVIRONMENTAL: The group's challenges


The IPRA group is aware of the importance of limiting and even reducing its environmental impact. In this respect, various actions are already in place, such as the selective sorting of ordinary and hazardous waste, their recycling and/or recovery, the reduction and control of industrial water generation before discharge, the filtration of the air in the powdered flavouring production workshop before discharge into the atmosphere, the use of low consumption LED bulbs, and the limitation of paper use.

Within our production areas, drain traps and gutters are installed to collect liquids into industrial wastewater tanks. These are then evacuated after having been analyzed to ensure their conformity with the standards in force. As soon as necessary, automatic retention barriers prevent accidental spillage of our products outside our buildings.

The IPRA group also makes its employees aware of the need to protect the environment and guides them naturally and daily towards responsible actions. Water fountains are available in our offices and water bottles have been distributed to all our employees. Plastic cups for coffee machines have been replaced by cardboard cups. We are thus limiting the use of plastic.

In general, we orient our purchases within the framework of a responsible approach.


The trust of our partners, customers, suppliers, employees and all those who contribute to the company's activity are at the heart of our concerns.

IPRA Group is committed to fair and ethical business practices in the profession. Competition law must be respected in our organization.

As such, we ensure that the fundamental principles of our ethical charter are respected.

An annual evaluation of our suppliers allows us to ensure the quality of their services. We involve them in our approach in order to promote responsible supply chains. We establish a long-term relationship with them.

LOCALISM: Supporting and boosting local activity


Located in the heart of the Grasse region, we are committed to supporting local and national activities. We wish above all to preserve and diffuse the know-how related to the aromas and perfumes of Grasse.

Our production is voluntarily and entirely French (Made in France). Our 120 employees work in the Grasse area and are regularly joined by new talents.

In 2022, we joined Grasse Expertise, the territorial and collective brand of the 4 sectors of excellence of the Grasse region: Food Flavors, Perfumery, Cosmetics, Health & Wellness. We are committed to stimulating the dynamic attractiveness of the region in a significant and qualitative way and we support the production and producers of local perfume plants.

We also encourage some regional sports clubs or local organizations by participating in sponsoring operations.